Genetics Toolbox

The motivation behind this project is to provide tools that can quickly perform tasks or calculations relating to genetics. At the moment, the Genetic Code and Hardy-Weinberg tools have been implemented.

Genetic Code Tool

This tool provides the following functions:

  • Finding DNA template/coding strand's complementary strand
  • Transcribing DNA template/coding strands
  • Getting the open reading frame (ORF) of DNA coding strands
  • Translating DNA template/coding strands into amino acid sequences

Select the type of strand you'd like to work with:

Hardy-Weinberg Tool

The Hardy-Weinberg law is used to predict properties of a gene pool based on allele and genotype frequencies (under a set of ideal conditions - the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium). This tool takes any one of these frequencies as input and will return a set of information about the genetic makeup of the specified population.

Select the type of value you entered:

Coming Soon

  • Three-Point-Cross Gene Mapping
  • ...Suggestions welcomed!